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Lion in the White House:

A Life of Theodore Roosevelt
Aida D. Donald
Read by Pam Ward

Theodore Roosevelt called himself a Progressive—a category that is no longer part of our political lexicon. But Roosevelt was not a man interested in fitting any mold. With his boundless energy and intelligence he conquered New York City politics, rode the range, fought in the Spanish-American War, penned numerous bestselling histories and biographies, created the National Park System, promoted the building of the Panama Canal, and won the Nobel Peace Prize (the only sitting United States president to have done so). Donald’s work is billed as an “affectionate” biography. In every inflection and adjective, narrator Pam Ward mirrors the author’s admiration for the man who is often considered to be the country’s first modern president. B.P. © AudioFile 2008, Portland, Maine [Published: JUNE 2008]

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The Second Journey:

The Road Back to Yourself
Joan Anderson
Read by Pam Ward

This sensitive, introspective memoir continues Joan Anderson’s previously chronicled search for a meaningful, authentic life. Overcommitted, coping with an aging parent and far-flung children, in search of integration and wholeness, she journeys to Iona, Scotland, where unexpected coincidences and insights abound, giving this pilgrimage the feel of an archetypal quest. Initially, narrator Pam Ward’s tone is strident and didactic, almost annoying. However, as the story unfolds, her tone eases and mirrors the transformation of the main character, who becomes more thoughtful as she attempts to find peace and equilibrium. Ward’s performance should find many appreciative listeners, especially among Anderson’s devoted readers. This is the kind of production that could be listened to every year, when one needs a reminder to slow down and enjoy the journey. M.H.N. © AudioFile 2008, Portland, Maine [Published: NOVEMBER 2008]

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The Necklace:

Thirteen Women and the Experiment That Transformed Their Lives
Cheryl Jarvis
Read by Pam Ward

Thirteen California women buy and share a beautiful diamond necklace, and each is transformed by the experience. The account follows the necklace, which they name “Jewelia” (for Julia Child), as it adorns brides, travels the world, is worn during sex, changes lives, and is loaned out far beyond its original owners. Sounds like fiction? No, it’s a true story, enthusiastically read by Pam Ward. Her narration seems to evolve as the group of women bonds through their experiences with the necklace. From a gossipy delivery at the beginning, Ward morphs to a more empathetic tone as Jewelia becomes the centerpiece at fund-raisers and the subject of controversy. Ward’s mature-sounding voice is appropriate for the real-life middle-aged women who tell what Jewelia has meant to them. J.B.G. © AudioFile 2008, Portland, Maine [Published: DECEMBER 2008]

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The Drop of Edge Yonder:

Alafair Tucker Mystery Series, Book 3
Donis Casey
Read by Pam Ward

In 1914 Oklahoma, Alafair Tucker’s daughter, Mary, is chaperoning her uncle and his beloved as they go for a pleasant ride. When the party is attacked, a bullet grazes Mary’s temple, and her uncle is killed. Later his fiancée is found “beat up but alive.” After a suspicious fire, Alafair, fears for Mary’s safety and joins the hunt for the culprit. Pam Ward reads the Oklahoma voices with a hint of a twang and a heaping dose of Alafair’s motherly concern. Ward even gets to sing in character as Alafair comforts Mary and rides herd on her brood. Casey’s novel is satisfying both for its mystery and for its glimpses of early-twentieth-century Oklahoma, which include recipes and facts about the era at the end. J.A.S. © AudioFile 2008, Portland, Maine [Published: APR/ MAY 08]

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The Bride of the Wilderness

Charles McCarry
Read by Pam Ward

Pam Ward portrays McCarry’s fascinating characters with verve and animation in this period romance. She convincingly depicts the young and high-spirited Fanny as she journeys from London to New England during the French and Indian War with her godfather, Oliver Barebones, and his willful, eccentric wife, Rose. Ward’s steady, clear alto sounds tense and fearful when Fanny experiences a night attack by the French and Indians, is captured, and is finally rescued by Philippe, her French lover. Ward’s reading reflects the many emotions of these characters, especially those of Fanny and Philippe as they discover a new life in the untamed wilderness. S.C.A. © AudioFile 2008, Portland, Maine [Published: NOVEMBER 2008]

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Breaking Free

Lauraine Snelling
Read by Pam Ward

This complex horse-centered romance gets a warm, fuzzy audio treatment. Maggie Roberts is serving time in prison for a reckless driving accident that killed her son. She enrolls in an experimental program that allows her to work with retired thoroughbred racehorses. Pam Ward manages to beautifully express Maggie’s life, suggesting her powerful emotions of hope, fear, distrust, and love. When Maggie meets Gil Winters and his wheelchair-bound son, Edward, she begins to rebuild her life. Ward is equally adept at reading male, female, and child roles. Her poignant pacing allows listeners to fully empathize with Maggie and Gil’s emotions. S.C.A. © AudioFile 2008, Portland, Maine [Published: MAY 2008]

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Taking on the Trust:

The Epic Battle of Ida Tarbell and John D. Rockefeller
Steve Weinberg
Read by Pam Ward

As John D. Rockefeller builds his fortune in the oil industry that eventually becomes Standard Oil, journalist Ida Tarbell, his nemesis, investigates his business tactics. Her goal is to bust the trust that controls Standard Oil and its various subsidiaries. Pam Ward narrates this history of the oil industry, paying careful attention to the details laid out in Weinberg’s research. Ward’s evenly paced narration elucidates each event, each twist of fate. Point by point, event by event, her no-nonsense performance invokes the tenacity of Rockefeller, who fights to keep his empire, and Tarbell, who is determined to bring competition into the marketplace. Ward effortlessly holds the listener’s attention with her straightforward delivery of Weinberg’s complex tapestry of history and biography. M.B.K. © AudioFile 2008, Portland, Maine [Published: SEPTEMBER 2008]

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Dancing in the Streets

A History of Collective Joy
Barbara Ehrenreich
Read by Pam Ward

When fans do a wave at the ballpark, they’re acting out of communal joy, an ancient human impulse that, according to social critic Barbara Ehrenreich, doesn’t get its due in Western culture. Ehrenreich traces joy from ancient celebrations to modern sporting events and rock concerts. Her writing switches between analysis and wry commentary and calls for more joy in everyday lives. Pam Ward shifts gears ably and brings out all of these qualities, making listening a joyous experience that holds listeners’ attention. While the author does suggest that more sharing of joy can be beneficial, Ehrenreich’s book mostly shines light on the history of celebration and society’s attitudes toward festivities. J.A.S. © AudioFile 2007, Portland, Maine [Published: JUN/ JUL 07]

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