Pam Ward provides over twenty years of experience narrating for the Library of Congress’ “Talking Book” program, Blackstone Audio and Christian Audio. She is a recipient of the prestigious Alexander Scourby Award.

With training as a classical musician, and experience in theater, film, radio and television, Pam is able to bring your books to life with warm, mature, emotionally rich delivery; providing an exceptional range of characters and dialects.

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  • Voice Range: 20-30s, Middle Age, Senior
  • Dialects: American English, British English, American South, French, German, Irish, Midwest, New York, Spanish, Yiddish
  • Genres: Children’s, Comedy, Drama, Mystery/Suspense, Nonfiction, Romance
  • Equipment: Neumann mic, Pro-Tools M-Box
  • APA Member

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Pam Ward

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